Skincare Routine: Late 2017

This was supposed to go up late last year but life happened! So what better way of celebrating the second month of the new year than a late post?

I’ve had troubled skin for so long that I still get surprised when I start using a new product and it makes my skin get better than it currently is. I thought my skin was doing okay earlier this year with a routine that worked for me┬ábut as 2017 went on and I got more into the skincare community, I got recommended and tried a bunch of different products that helped me further improve my skin.

It’s still not perfect. I’m still very red, and I still get breakouts on my chin and neck area, but my cheeks are no longer tight and itchy and visibly flaking. My general skin texture has improved, I forgot how smooth skin can get. And my pores and sebaceous filaments, especially around my nose, has significantly gone down.

I have stopped using sunscreen, though. Everything I tried would eventually break me out. I know it’s number 1 top priority to slather on sunscreen but I just can’t take the constant breakouts all over my face, really.

And it’s actually gotten colder in this part of the world and I had to switch up my hydration layers and moisturizers.

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Skincare Routine: Early 2017

I never really had acne when I was a teenager gone through puberty. My face was really oily but it stayed smooth. I only really used facial wash back then.

But everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

I can’t remember now when I exactly started breaking out but I think it was around when I was 19 or 20. The acne was mainly concentrated on my cheek area at first. I tried so many drugstore products and even went to a dermatologist who gave me antibiotics and products which dried my face out. I wasn’t aware of the online skincare community then, so without the help of /r/AsianBeauty and /r/beautytalkph, I bought products that were not kind to the skin and I shot my moisture barrier to shit. My acne worsened and I lost hope, living with painful breakouts and a constantly red face.

However, by late last year, I subscribed to /r/beautytalkph and got to talk with other people who I shared skin types and skin concerns with. Most importantly, they were from the same country, which meant recommendations were mostly easily accessible or even locally produced. Between November last year and today, my routine has been mostly unchanged save for the addition of sheet masks, and it had been the best few months for my skin.


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