I got a contraceptive implant.

I’ll be straight with you.

I have been in a long-term committed relationship with my boyfriend for about nine years now. We are not religious and we have no problem getting intimate while we are still unmarried.

I grew up very Christian. With my parents’ nudging, I got involved with the groups within the church from Sunday school to youth camps. And we all know the mantra they drill into every hormonal teenager: true love waits. I have always been pragmatic and held the belief that you cannot stop teenagers from having sex, at least give them the facts and let them protect themselves. So here I am at 27 with no children while a number of girls involved in the church back home have one or more children out of wedlock (and the inevitable shotgun weddings).

I have no problem if others choose to abstain from sex until marriage. Just be goddamn sure that you won’t slip up and bring an unplanned child into the world until you are 100% sure and ready. We have enough problems.

My boyfriend and I are nearing our 30s and despite the incessant questions on when we will be married and have children, we are pretty lukewarm on getting hitched and having children. We can barely afford being adults with bills, we can’t bring in another human being into that.

So here we are.

[Fair warning: there are a lot of bruised arm photos.]

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I bought a menstrual cup: an update.

It’s been about five months since I got my menstrual cup, about five cycles I have been using it. I thought it would be nice to give an update on my experience and what I’ve learned about this whole thing.

I feel like this has been the best decision of my menstruation-having life. Let’s take it back when I was still using pads and the occasional tampon.

My period rarely starts on the same date each month. It could be early a few days but more often late a few days to even more than a week. I use a period tracker app but my actual period likes to be a jerk. This uncertainty meant I had to constantly be on alert on the onset of my PMS symptoms because I would never know when I would start bleeding. I start getting stabbing pains a few days before my period actually starts but that could still mean right the fuck now or five days from now. Wearing a pad prematurely was a regular occurrence when I was so sure but still got nothing. But with the cup, I could just slip it in when the stabbing pains start and not worry about it. Most of the times I don’t even notice that my period already started because I don’t feel anything, which leads to the second thing.Read More »

I bought a menstrual cup.

I’ve used pads all my life. I tried out a box of tampons when I saw them being sold in a Watson’s, but pads are what’s readily available in stores.

Pads worked just fine, they did the job. The waste made me uneasy, though. And even if I blazed through overnight pads the first two days of my cycle, the last few days of my period would barely use up a regular pad and it broke my heart to throw them away barely used. Tampons made me a little nervous because I couldn’t be sure if it was soaked or if I’ll be wasting a barely used tampon by taking it out prematurely. I couldn’t exactly put the thing back in, that would be gross.Read More »